EMC veteran’s storage startup opens office in Waltham

One of Massachusetts’ billion-dollar startups, INFINIDAT, celebrated on Tuesday the move from Needham to a 23,000-square-foot office in Waltham, which CEO Moshe Yanai hopes will be the launching pad for a new era of enterprise data storage.

INFINIDAT’s Massachusetts headcount has grown from 35 employees in March to 60 today. The company expects that number to at least double by the end of 2017.

INFINIDAT has about 400 employees worldwide and its corporate headquarters are in Israel, but the Waltham office will be a focus of growth because about 70 percent of revenue comes from the U.S. market, said Gareth Taube, the firm’s vice president of marketing.

Aside from space to grow, the Waltham office provides a convenient place to demonstrate INFINIDAT’s data storage product, the InfiniBox, to potential customers. Several server racks sitting in the office entrance hold 75 petabytes worth of data, much more than would fit in the same racks filled with equipment from providers like EMC and IBM, according to company officials.

That extra storage capacity, combined with a lower price per gigabyte and a system so reliable it experiences no more than three seconds of downtime every year, is the core of INFINIDAT’s pitch to the Fortune 1000 companies it has been trying to woo. The company won’t release customer or revenue details but said several financial service and telecommunications firms in Greater Boston already use INFINIDAT equipment, as do some cloud storage providers.

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