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The man is an enigma, but you can’t expect billionaires to be easily understood people. He has performed several storage engineering firsts; he develops products and is basically a storage legend in his own lifetime. He is also said to have a massive ego. Currently, he runs high-end storage array supplier Infinidat and two on-demand helicopter businesses. He is a one-time Israeli Defence Force commander, a Technion University graduate and now Distinguished Fellow, an ex-EMC fellow, an ex-IBM fellow, a man who inspires extraordinary loyalty and is rumoured to have had volcanic strategy disagreements with the most senior corporate storage business executives. His Symmetrix high-end array was the single most important product in EMC’s history, catapulting the company to unparalleled dominance as a standalone storage supplier, and is still in production today as the VMAX system. He is Moshe Yanai.