Media Mentions

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, today announced the promotion of Steve Sullivan to Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Sullivan previously held the position of Executive Vice President and General Manager, Americas, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and sales acumen.

Infinidat promoted Steve Sullivan to CRO. He previously held the position of EVP and GM, Americas, where he demonstrated leadership skills and sales acumen. He will be responsible for overseeing all revenue-generating activities, including sales, go-to-market strategy, and customer success on a global scale. He will provide dynamic leadership for teams that are data-driven, insights-oriented, and proactive with customers and channel partners. The alignment of revenue functions under one senior executive will support the company’s growth initiatives.

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, today announced that storage industry analyst firm DCIG has named Infinidat as one of the world’s Top 5 storage-as-a-service (STaaS) solution providers. This ranking is based on independent research that DCIG conducted into the STaaS market. The “2022-23 DCIG Top 5 Enterprise Storage as a Service Solutions Report” is now available.

DCIG announced the availability of its 2023-24 TOP 5 High-End Storage Arrays report. This report provides information about the best arrays for providing uninterrupted access to the world’s most essential data.

Data is a critical asset for today’s businesses. With companies dealing with an enormous volume of data daily, managing it all demands an effective storage system that can offer businesses improved access to data without compromising security and compliance. The enterprise data storage market was $84.7 billion USD last year and is expected to grow up to $102.92 billion USD by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 3.3%.

An international ring of cybercriminals infiltrates an organization and is on the verge of taking the company’s data hostage. They had first gained access to the enterprise data infrastructure over 200 days ago, totally undetected, and are about to take control of the enterprise’s data sitting on primary storage. The threat is real. This could be any company—indeed, this could be your company. The world without cyber storage resilience is a world vulnerable to cyberattacks.