The Infinidat Enterprise Storage Portfolio




Infinidat’s Unique Software-defined Storage Architecture


Our enterprise storage portfolio provides enterprises and service providers with best-in-class solutions for primary storage, modern data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity, and cyber resilience. Infinidat’s InfuzeOS is the only single, software-defined storage architecture in the industry that spans all platforms. InfuzeOS is what drives the most powerful capabilities, performance, availability, cyber storage resilience, and economics of our industry-acclaimed storage platforms. Learn more about the major components of this architecture:


Unmatched, Real-world Application Performance Thanks to Neural Cache

Infinidat’s platforms are powered by Neural Cache which uses deep learning techniques of AI/ML to intelligently place data in a tiered storage design to cost-effectively optimize read cache hit rates to create exceptional I/O performance in mixed workload environments. Neural Cache optimizes data placement over time to minimize read cache misses and quickly adapts to new applications and workloads based on data usage behaviors. As a result, Infinidat platforms seamlessly respond to these changes, resulting in unmatched, real-world application performance.

Exploit AIOps and Accelerate DevOps with Infinidat InfiniOps

Infinidat’s InfiniOps tools and capabilities simplify the integration and utilization of powerful features of our platforms so you can more easily exploit AIOps, accelerate DevOps, and reduce integration risks. AIOps include the in-the-array features of Infinidat’s Neural Cache as well as out-of-the-array AIOps, such as Infinidat’s InfiniVerse® which provides detailed global awareness of end-to-end storage telemetry as well as sophisticated analytics. Extensive integration with AIOps and DevOps ecosystem partners and Host PowerTools simplify deployment and integration with enterprise environments.

InfiniSafe® for Comprehensive Cyber Resilience Capabilities

Award-winning InfiniSafe extends comprehensive cyber resilience capabilities to the Infinidat portfolio. This technology leverages immutable snapshots, creates a local or remote logical air gap, establishes a fenced forensic environment, and provides near-instantaneous recovery from cyberattacks. With InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA, immutable snapshot recoverability is both guaranteed and guaranteed in under a minute. InfiniGuard immutable snapshots are guaranteed in less than 20 minutes. InfiniSafe Automated Cyber Protection (ACP) reduces the threat window through integration with SOC, SIEM, SOAR applications, and simple syslog functions to trigger immediate automated immutable snapshots in response to security-related incidents.

InfiniRAID® for Advanced Data Protection and Rapid Recovery

Infinidat’s disk layout is managed by innovative patented InfiniRAID software. InfiniRAID is software-defined Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) controlling all data placement, data protection, and the recovery from media (disk or flash) failure scenarios. InfiniRAID is a declustered RAID, that separates the data layout from the physical layer and uses thousands of virtual RAID groups, spreading data across all of the media and preventing any hotspots, thereby enabling the fast recovery of any failed media elements.

Three Fully Active-Active-Active Controllers for 100% Guaranteed Availability

Infinidat uses an active-active-active software-defined storage architecture with N+2 design which provides constant monitoring, self-healing, and graceful recoveries from hardware failures on all levels. This design produces a high degree of resilience, enabling Infinidat to guarantee 100% system availability, even for large customers scaling up to 17.2PB effective capacity in a single 42U rack. By leveraging commodity hardware and innovative software in our platforms we bring more stability, product maturity, and dramatically better ROI and substantially lower TCO.

Critical Enterprise-class Data Protection Services for Greater Cyber Resilience

Our InfiniSnap technology provides non-locking, efficient, redirect-on-write snapshots that support modern data protection and increase the utilization of information resources. Immutable snapshots represent a key data protection capability, as they are leveraged by InfiniSafe, Infinidat’s world-class storage cyber resilience. Metro and long-distance data replication is available using active/active, synchronous, and asynchronous topologies. With our Active/Active Data Mobility tool, we provide 100% seamless and non-disruptive migration.

Guaranteed SLAs for Performance, 100% Availability, and Cyber Storage Resilience

Infinidat stands behind our solutions with guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs). The performance guarantee assures customers of specific application workload performance that delivers the best primary storage performance in the industry. Customers are assured of uptime with our 100% availability guarantee for primary storage that goes beyond the typical “9’s” promised by other vendors. Finally, Infinidat provides cyber storage guarantees of both the immutability of our snapshots and recoverability of those immutable snapshots at under a minute on InfiniBox/InfiniBox SSA and under twenty minutes with InfiniGuard. Infinidat puts the customer first with clear assurances with critical enterprise storage infrastructure guarantees.

* Terms and conditions apply to all guarantees. Performance Guarantee requires detailed performance analysis.

InfuzeOS Cloud Edition
Seamless Hybrid Cloud Storage


The InfuzeOS Cloud Edition extends the InfiniBox platform experience to AWS and Azure for hybrid/multi-cloud deployments. This cloud-native deployment is functionally equivalent to the on-prem InfuzeOS that enables InfiniBox platforms and is managed by the same familiar and easy to use interfaces.