Use Cases

Boost application performance and availability at lower TCO with unified storage from Infinidat

Infinidat’s enterprise storage solutions offer the reliability, performance, and flexibility necessary to support today’s data-intensive digital enterprises. High performance, 100% availability, and flexible options for scaling are all part of the Infinidat portfolio.

The Infinidat portfolio covers a full range of robust storage and data protection capabilities, easily leveraged to address the biggest data management and data protection challenges for private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures. Primary storage, cloud storage, business continuity, and disaster recovery are all supported by Infinidat solutions.

Big Data: Petabyte-scale storage changes the way you evaluate and acquire storage

Big data, done well, requires big storage —- petabytes are the new terabytes. This shift in scale changes the way that storage systems are evaluated for performance, availability, and cost. Sacrificing one requirement for another is no longer a viable strategy, as the scope of data-intensive applications continues to increase and accelerate. Infinidat storage solutions enable our customers to “scale to win”, supporting a broad range of analytic applications (Splunk, Elk, Elastic) and datasets (IoT, time series, machine-generated, etc.).

Business Continuity: Achieve unmatched uptime and availability for the best Total Cost of Ownership

As data has become the lifeblood of businesses, protecting that data is the most important task IT has in the data center today. Infinidat’s innovative storage software architecture exploits patented Trie technology and provides practically unlimited, space-efficient and incredibly fast snapshot capability for quick operational recoveries.




Cloud: Discover the path to enabling competitive cloud-native apps at multi-petabyte scale

Infinidat storage solutions support private, shared, and hybrid cloud environments, on-premise and in the cloud, with unrivaled enterprise performance and reliability at a multi-petabyte scale. InfuzeOS Cloud Edition delivers Infinidat's comprehensive, software-defined storage capabilities in the public cloud, enabling and supporting enterprise hybrid cloud storage deployments.

Infinidat enables customers with an end-to-end experience that makes their business infrastructures consistent, easy to manage and provides them with storage management standardization from on-prem to the cloud. InfuzeOS Cloud Edition is powered by the same enterprise-class InfuzeOS that powers our InfiniBox, InfiniBox SSA II, and InfiniGuard platforms, reducing the OpEx costs to manage your storage estate. InfuzeOS Cloud Edition is currently available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.

Consolidation: Improve performance and reduce
TCO by consolidating multiple systems and workloads


Consolidate multiple systems easily and cost-effectively with InfiniBox. Choose from F6000, F4000, or F2000 series InfiniBox based on capacity and performance needs. Systems are packaged in a single 42U rack and can scale to well over 17PB or more of effective capacity.

Containers:  Manage storage easily and efficiently for Kubernetes and other container environments

Storage is a critical challenge as container platform adoption grows and users demand more scale, flexibility, and standardization. Infinidat supports modern application deployments at enterprise scale with integrations into container runtimes like Red Hat OpenShift. Infinidat’s Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver gives container administrators the ability to efficiently manage InfiniBox or InfiniBox SSA storage within any container platform that supports the CSI standard. CSI driver users can easily deploy hundreds of thousands of persistent volumes per InfiniBox, control multiple InfiniBox systems within a single Kubernetes cluster, manage InfiniBox snapshots and clones, and much more. InfiniGuard and our data protection software partners make it simple to protect and restore large-scale container environments.

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Cybersecurity: Implement comprehensive data security with end-to-end encryption

Data breaches are increasing at all levels of the IT stack. As a result, companies are moving quickly to implement application, container, and virtual-machine level encryption. The challenge is that encrypted data cannot be securely compressed and deduplicated, leading to an immediate increase in storage cost by up to 5x. InfiniBox customers can achieve these cost savings along with the peace-of-mind delivered by application-aware immutable snapshots that cannot be deleted under any circumstances, including the compromise of administrator network credentials.

Databases: Improve performance, ease of management, and availability at petabyte scale

Databases are the engines that power digital transformation. Modern IT organizations face ever-increasing data requirements, ranging from operational database management systems to analytic data stores and data lakes. All of this is driven by line-of-business demands to deliver next-generation applications to customers. The common thread is the need for ultra-high performance, 100% availability, and a practically infinite capacity for growth. Large databases pose a unique challenge to enterprise data storage arrays by providing an I/O profile that is unpredictable and often overwhelms traditional, hardware-based storage systems. This is typically seen as high latencies and low IOPS, which in turn increases the run-time of database workloads. Infinidat solutions cover the full data lifecycle, ranging from ultra-low latency mission-critical production database and petabyte-scale data lake storage, to multi-site backup and recovery use cases, powered by a secure, dev-ops friendly API.



Virtualization: Enterprise storage built from the ground up for virtualized workloads

Virtualization is standard in today’s enterprise environments, enabling benefits such as server consolidation, lower TCO, and accelerated application development. However, virtual machine storage administration becomes more complicated as environments grow to host thousands to tens of thousands of VMs.

Infinidat’s multiple integrations with VMware help reduce this complexity and simplify storage management for even the largest, multi-petabyte scale virtualized enterprise environments without compromising high performance, low latency, 100% availability, or market-leading storage economics. InfiniBox storage integrations and capabilities provide greater storage resource awareness, help storage and VM administrators make better storage provisioning decisions, and eliminate or automate time-consuming and repetitive storage-related tasks.