Media Coverage
INFINIDAT’s product is called Infinibox. It’s a monolithic storage system, or could even be called next generation monolithic, and competes against EMC VMAX, HDS VSP or 3PAR 10K. It’s not all-flash. It’s hybrid, with lots of RAM and flash at the front-end and big 7200 RPM disks at the back-end, bringing a total usable capacity of 2PB per rack. The product is designed to be resilient, and everything is N+1 (for example it has a particular three-controller configuration, unusual but very effective). The first time I saw INFINIDAT’s Infinibox I thought about XIV; the two products have some design similarities, and, as far as I know, many engineers followed INFINIDAT founder Moshe Yanai in this new venture when he left IBM after disputes about the development of XIV.