Moshe’s INFINIDAT happy to SHOUT about its progress

Moshe Yanai’s INFINIDAT startup, which came out of stealth in April with its InfiniBox array, is bragging about its growth.

It recently revealed figures including:

  • 300 per cent sales growth in the second quarter compared with Q1 2015
  • 500 per cent growth in channel sales
  • 53 per cent of global sales came through resellers and distis

Whisper it, but these high growth rates could be from smallish number bases of course. But, you have to say a three-times revenue jump from one quarter to the next is a great fillip, small base or not.

Storage industry grand fromage, INFINIDAT founder, and CEO Yanai found us a canned quote: “During a period in which enterprise storage sales are declining for the major vendors, the high performance, scalability, reliability and best-in-industry TCO delivered by INFINIDAT’s unique hybrid architecture are proving that if you can solve customers’ storage problems, they will buy.”

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