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by Randy Arseneau, INFINIDAT Chief Marketing Officer With an often diverse mixture of legacy platforms and the need for an increasing number of storage systems brought in to support more – and ever more virtualized – environments, many organizations are facing an increasingly problematic state of “storage sprawl.” This sometimes chronic condition results in a scarcity of valuable data center floor space, an infrastructure imbued with multiple, sometimes widely divergent management and administration workflows, as well as disappointingly low levels of storage utilization and unpredictably spiraling costs. These same organizations are also invariably faced with a constant sense of urgency to meet their business objectives and remain agile enough to cope with the introduction of new ways to build and sustain competitive advantage and mounting workload volumes. To effectively address these challenges, IT leadership must plan more strategically, ensuring they take action early to avoid, and remedy, the effects of storage sprawl when it comes to IT planning and procurement processes.