Q&A: Infinidat CEO Moshe Yanai on providing speedy, affordable, reliable storage

How can Infinidat promise storage that’s both highly available and low cost? Its CEO explains.

Moshe Yanai has an impressive track record in the storage industry. Some 20 years ago while working at EMC, he developed the Symmetrix storage array and from there he moved on to start up the storage array company XIV, which was sold to IBM.

He’s now come out of retirement to work on another new project, a storage company called Infinidat.

The hottest innovation in storage currently is flash memory. It seems that everybody in the IT storage world is talking about flash, a technology that offers fast storage at a high cost when compared to conventional storage.

Now Infinidat says that you can have the best of both worlds. The company’s storage arrays combine conventional storage with a tincture of flash to offer not just high-end flash without the cost, but with 1m+ IOPS performance and 99.99999 percent reliability — 7 nines when the industry standard is 5.

ZDNet talked to Yanai and his enterprise architect Chip Elmblad to find out more.

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