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An Announcement from Moshe Yanai

Dear friends,

As I celebrate my 70th birthday, I can’t help but be amazed looking back at the extraordinary progress of technology, and its profound influence on humanity. My life’s work is, and continues to be, focused on a small but delightfully complex piece of that puzzle--inventing new technologies for storing the vast amount of information created by humankind, and then working with customers to imagine the next generation of use cases, applications, and platforms made possible by these new technologies. 

Infinidat is the culmination of this journey. We started in 2011 with a vision that customers in coming decades would require enterprise storage that was bigger, faster, more reliable, and less expensive than anything currently in the market, and that a fundamentally new type of storage system was required in order to meet these future needs. 

I’m an optimist to a fault, but the explosive growth of Infinidat since then has exceeded even my wildest imagination. We have deployed over six exabytes---six million terabytes--of storage in less than six years on the market, with over an exabyte of sales in the past six months alone. The scale of Infinidat’s accelerating global customer footprint, and the astonishing range of use cases that customers are delivering with our technology, proves that we are onto something big here.

In order to best navigate the next era of hypergrowth, we are making some changes at the leadership level of Infinidat. I am stepping aside as the CEO and into the role of Chief Technology Evangelist. This will allow me to spend 100% of my time doing what I do best and love the most -- developing the strategic vision for Infinidat and focusing on the present and future needs of our customers. I am working in close collaboration with our stalwart investors, including TPG and Goldman Sachs, to drive towards our next phases of growth. I am delighted to announce that two of my most trusted and longest serving deputies, COO Kariel Sandler and CFO Nir Simon, have stepped up to lead Infinidat. 

Kariel and I have been working together for 16 years across three companies. For the past 9 years, he has led Infinidat’s R&D and Operations divisions, comprising the majority of Infinidat’s global workforce. Nir and I have been working together for 13 years across three companies. For the past 5 years, Nir has served as Infinidat’s Chief Financial Officer. Nir and Kariel are talented leaders who embody Infinidat’s culture of innovation, quality, and customer focus, and I am supremely confident in their ability to lead Infinidat’s business.

This is an exciting time for Infinidat. We have great people and great technology, but the reason we are successful is the partnership and trust that you, our customers, place in us. In my new role, I will be spending a lot more time working directly with you to define our shared roadmap and vision for the future, and this makes me very happy.

Please join me in congratulating Kariel and Nir, and I look forward to seeing you soon.


About Moshe Yanai

Moshe Yanai founded Infinidat in 2011 with the simple but challenging mission of storing the world’s ever-expanding volume of information. Advances in data science, analytics, sensor technologies, and cloud and mobile applications have generated an unprecedented volume of raw digital information. Over the last four decades, Mr. Yanai has an unequaled track record of developing innovative, game changing storage architectures and technologies that have enabled new business models and changed the course of information technology. Considered by many to be the single most influential thought leader in the data storage industry, Yanai’s architectures have fundamentally changed how the world stores and uses data.