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Infinidat’s Horizon Reaches to the Cloud with InfuzeOS™ Cloud Edition

Today, Infinidat took a step across the horizon to the cloud. “Why now?”, you may ask. Good question! There are many answers but let me begin to take you on the journey. Infinidat has been deeply entrenched in the enterprise with our industry-acclaimed solutions since its earliest days. Our customers demand the best availability, performance, ease-of-use, cyber storage resilience, and customer experience they can get, and we have worked hard over the years to continuously deliver that, and we do! Gartner’s Peer Insights Reviews are filled with our customers' comments about our solutions and our company. Providing this experience is engrained in everything we do. Focusing on our customers and the needs of many of the largest and most demanding enterprise IT infrastructures is our first priority and making sure that extending this to the cloud brings the right capabilities, value and experience. We look to create the right solutions that drive tremendous business value, confidence and true partnerships with those that depend on us and that we depend on.

So… why now? We’ve continued to grow and enhance our solutions and our customer experience. Many enterprise customers today want a consistent, end-to-end storage experience and functionality compared to what they have come to depend on in the data center in the public cloud, creating a seamless hybrid cloud deployment. They are not pushing their high performance workloads to the cloud, as a matter of fact; just the opposite is happening. Many are finding their high performance, business-critical workloads need to run in the data center, where it is cheaper and more efficient – also known as Cloud Repatriation.

So, again... Why now? Enterprises have started to repatriate and figure out that they have better ideas about where they want workloads to run and enable the same solution experience to extend to the cloud. Now it makes sense for us to extend that functionality to the public cloud and provide a hybrid-cloud storage solution that addresses these needs easily and smoothly. The workloads that comprise most of the primary use cases of enterprises in the public cloud are in support of backup, business continuity and disaster recovery, test/dev/POC and some general storage use cases where bursting or some level of tiering is important.

Having a functionally similar capability makes that seamless and much easier. But what enterprise customers have asked us to provide is an end-to-end experience that makes their business infrastructures consistent, easy to manage and provides them with storage standardization from on-prem to the cloud. ​That is where we enter the public cloud, with a focus on the use cases that make sense and provide the experience our customers expect. It is a logical part of our platform evolution, and the power of InfuzeOS makes that possible – and now is the right time.

InfuzeOS Cloud Edition is currently available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. InfuzeOS, our software-defined storage (SDS) powers our InfiniBox®, InfiniBox™ SSA II and InfiniGuard® platforms. So, guess what InfuzeOS Cloud Edition is built from? RIGHT! The exact same code. The same functionality, the same easy management, the same autonomous automation, the same cyber storage resilience, the same interfaces, API’s, CLI’s, and integrations that our enterprise customers have invested in and trusted for years.

Christophe Bertrand, Practice Director, Enterprise Strategy Group, has commented on the unveiling of InfuzeOS Cloud Edition:

“Today, a majority of enterprises leverage hybrid storage deployments, combining on-premises and public cloud as they continue on their digital transformation journey. Infinidat’s InfuzeOS Cloud Edition aligns really well with the direction that the enterprise market has taken.”

The channel is very excited about the announcement of InfuzeOS Cloud Edition. Stan Wysocki, President, Mark III Systems, noted:

“What Infinidat is doing with InfuzeOS and InfiniSafe software is very powerful and the type of solution many enterprises are looking for. The expansion of InfuzeOS to hybrid cloud environments with InfuzeOS Cloud Edition expands the use cases that are ideal for hybrid cloud storage deployments: from disaster recovery and backup to DevOps to burst storage capacity. The extension to the hybrid cloud shows Infinidat delivers critical functionality that enterprises need, whether it's hybrid cloud, autonomous automation, cyber storage resilience, or unmatched ease-of-use.”

InfuzeOS powers everything we do today and tomorrow, and as we take our newest steps today, you can be assured that tomorrow more exciting things will come from Infinidat - the power, simplicity, and capability that InfuzeOS brings to all our solutions will be front and center, for core, cloud, and edge.

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About Bill Basinas

Bill Basinas is Senior Director, Product Marketing at Infinidat and has been focused in the storage industry since 1994 when he joined Legato Systems as the first field systems engineer.  He was also an early employee at Avamar and spent time at enterprise companies such as EMC and HPE Storage in Global Marketing and Engineering roles.