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Infinidat’s InfiniBox™ SSA II Drives Certainty!

In April 2022, Ken Steinhardt, our Americas Field CTO, provided insights on the capabilities of our new InfiniBox™ SSA II and detailed the fantastic performance that came along with it. Today, this blog will reflect on that and update everyone on not only how successful it has been, but also how Infinidat continues to add unrivaled functionality to the platform. Since that announcement, the growth and industry acceptance of the InfiniBox SSA II has been tremendous and continues to accelerate. This is not unexpected as enterprise customers of storage drive the need for added performance that solid state delivers. Infinidat brings this to life with a solution that is significantly easier to implement, manage and use overall, and that is enabled by our outstanding software-defined storage architecture that powers all our solutions, InfuzeOS™ - more on that later. Much has changed since April 2022 and we have an obligation to give our customers “CERTAINTY,” especially today, when times are turbulent and uncertain and Infinidat’s solutions provide economic, performance, and guaranteed certainty.

We announced the unmatched performance of 35 microseconds of latency based on real-world workloads, not lab-created, unachievable configurations. What we did shortly thereafter was to put our money where our mouth is and announce our “Performance Guarantees,” providing written SLAs that ensure we deliver on what we promise! As storage industry analysts and customers have noted, we continue to far outpace competitors who have invested tens of millions of dollars in their architecture and still cannot bring this level of real-world performance to their products. Meanwhile, the InfiniBox SSA II delivers this by simply using industry standard, commodity components, bringing outstanding TCO and ROI to our enterprise customers. That is the power of Infinidat’s InfuzeOS. As one of our customers noted:

“We were able to do other projects as a result of doing less management. It shortened
our implementation time, for example, on data protection modernization initiatives.”

North American Information Technology Company
¹IDC White Paper, Sponsored by Infinidat, The Business Value of Infinidat Storage, Doc. #US49976922, February 2023

With the InfiniBox SSA II launch, we also announced our InfiniSafe® cyber storage resilience technology for the InfiniBox® platform (both hybrid and SSA II). We have again “Raised the Bar” and guaranteed the state of the data with our immutable snapshot and recovery time of those immutable snapshots in 1 minute or less, regardless of the data set size! Cyber storage resilience is one of the top needs of enterprises globally, and Infinidat will continue to further enhance our capabilities. Stay tuned!

“Infinidat continues to push ahead in the enterprise storage market. In today’s environment, providing primary and secondary cyber storage resilience guarantees, as companies face the ongoing rise of cyber-attacks is truly valuable. The latest InfiniBox and InfiniGuard offerings will give organizations confidence that Infinidat is a leader in addressing cyber resilience. Meeting the new challenges for enterprises has been a hallmark for Infinidat.”

Randy Kerns Senior Strategist and Analyst Evaluator Group

Let us not forget our 100% availability guarantee that has been a cornerstone of our InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA family for several years. Again, all made possible by our industry lauded InfuzeOS!

Infinidat delivers enterprise storage solutions incorporating hardware and software, but when you delve into our solutions, Infinidat is a storage and data management software company that utilizes the power of InfuzeOS, a software-defined storage architecture, that brings unprecedented performance, availability, cyber storage resilience, and both unparalleled technical and business value to our customers.

InfuzeOS enables the entire ecosystem associated with our platforms. It provides the capability to “infuze” our InfiniSafe capabilities and our InfiniOps™ functionality both in-the-storage system and surrounding the storage system, through an extended set of third-party capabilities. InfuzeOS is the backbone of comprehensive enterprise capabilities that power all our platforms. InfuzeOS features and functionality span across the entire Infinidat portfolio, enabling consistent, proven, and common enterprise-class data services and standardized operations. Few, if any, storage vendors can make that claim. Ultimately, InfuzeOS delivers consistency in every aspect of all our products: performance, ease of use, value, and certainty!

This philosophy permeates beyond just our solutions − it is ingrained in our company values, how we deliver and support our platforms for our partners and customers, and our award-winning “white glove” support and services. We realize that to be the standard in enterprise storage you have to have not only rock-solid products, but also the services and support that extend well beyond typical expectations. We prove that time and again!

InfiniBox SSA II is exactly what we at Infinidat wanted and expected it to be, and then some. We have continued to bring some of the most forward-thinking capabilities and assurances that Infinidat customers and partners should expect, and we continue to provide these as simple upgrades at no additional cost. Infinidat and its award-winning solutions will continue to “Raise the Bar” and drive innovations. As one of our customers wrote in their Gartner Peer Insights review of the InfiniBox:

“I could think of no better place for ‘crown-jewel’ data than this platform. Combine this with Infinidat’s support, and you have a second-to-none architecture.”

President & CTO, IT Services Industry Gartner Peer Insights, 2022

We continue to create bold initiatives and enterprise capabilities in all areas of our solutions and business to bring “CERTAINTY” to everyone who invests in Infinidat platforms.

About Bill Basinas

Bill Basinas is Senior Director, Product Marketing at Infinidat and has been focused in the storage industry since 1994 when he joined Legato Systems as the first field systems engineer.  He was also an early employee at Avamar and spent time at enterprise companies such as EMC and HPE Storage in Global Marketing and Engineering roles.