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Know if your VMware Datastores are compromised!

Infinidat delivered a set of capabilities that provided deep, insightful, and actionable capabilities with InfiniSafe® Cyber Detection in May of 2023. We are now extending that with specific but simple capabilities to address the need of VMware environments in your enterprise. The majority of large enterprises still heavily rely on VMware technology in their infrastructure to drive important workloads. We want to assure users that in the event of a cyberattack, it can be easily determined if a VMware datastore and the VM's they may encompass have or have not been compromised. First, let’s quickly review what InfiniSafe and InfiniSafe Cyber Detection are all about.

Infinidat delivered InfiniSafe in February 2022, and since then has aggressively expanded the core capabilities across the entire product portfolio. First, built-in, and fully orchestrated in our InfiniGuard® solution and a couple months later as an easy to implement reference architecture that easily adapts to many cyber variations based on customers infrastructure requirements. Core InfiniSafe brings 4 areas of cyber resilience. Immutable snapshots, logical and remote air gaps, a fenced forensic environment, and near instantaneous recovery, with industry first cyber resilience and cyber recovery guarantees for primary storage environments built in. In fact, on the InfiniBox® and the InfiniBox™ SSA all-flash array we guarantee the immutability of our snapshots and cyber recovery times (RTO) of under one minute – yes, under one minute. To read more about our guarantees, click this link.


Last year, we delivered InfiniSafe Cyber Detection for primary storage, again, a first to market with a comprehensive capability to scan and detect any data that may, or may not, have been compromised as part of a cyber event. Directly utilizing industry best practices and processes defined in the InfiniSafe Reference Architecture. InfiniSafe Cyber Detection uses AI and machine learning to scan and identify any file, volume or database data that may have been compromised. It does this with an accuracy of 99.5%, which provides highly granular and actionable reports of any data without sending you on wild goose chases. It uses over 200 data points to determine even unknown variants, because its being trained against over 20 million data sets of all shapes and sizes to understand what even unknown data anomalies may look like. Here is a blog that talks all about Infinisafe Cyber Detection, in more detail:


Today, we are adding to this powerful set of specifically designed capabilities to look within VMware datastores to provide this same deep level of scanning, fully understanding the structure of the VMs that the datastore contains, be it a single VM or 100’s.

But then you may not want to scan 100’s, so you can exclude those that may not be of interest to you and focus on those that are. This is done by simply providing an InfiniBox SSA or InfiniBox immutable snapshot to a configured Cyber Detection scanning engine. This can all be done in a protected fenced forensic environment, part of InfiniSafe, which is easily orchestrated through our core InfiniSafe capabilities. The scanning engine takes it from there, scans the volume that the VMware datastore lives on and reports the results. Now you can easily keep track of known good copies and easily revert or copy back nearly instantly should you need to.

When we say, “we have your back!”, we deliver. When it comes to creating an industry acclaimed comprehensive set of enterprise cyber resilience storage and cyber storage recovery capabilities, we provide the best capabilities and tools to assure the best outcomes possible!

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