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Technical Teamwork Equals Business Achievements

Benefiting Customers, Channel Partners, and Infinidat

A myriad of unprecedented factors continues to impact businesses of all sizes and industries and these factors are fostering stress financially, organizationally, and operationally to levels I have never seen in my 28 years as an IT infrastructure leader.

These challenges are encountered by enterprise customers, channel partners and enterprise storage company providers, like Infinidat. This led me to a moment of pause in Oct 2022. In all walks of life, we hear the traditional phrase “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” or “there is no “I” in team.” Having been at Infinidat since 2015, I have conveyed to prospective customers of our solutions that - “Infinidat’s business grows when your business grows.” This statement has even more importance in 2023 than in 2015 due to the cumulative effects of the 2020 pandemic, 2021 supply chain woes, and the 2022 bear market leading to rapid economic uncertainty, which is visibly increasing as 2023 starts.

As these recent business operational and financial challenges compounded the past few years, Infinidat has delivered enterprise storage solutions to help ameliorate these challenges. Additionally, Infinidat, like other privately held firms, has needed to deliver stable and growing economic value to our stakeholders. Infinidat has had to be more agile, more resourceful and more flexible to respond to rapidly changing enterprise customer requirements. This is coupled with varied purchase cycles as our enterprise customers and prospects reprioritize their own business needs. So back to the opening title “Technical Teamwork Equals Business Achievements”. Most other enterprise storage companies have focused on “enhancing” purchase methods to self-service online portals. While that does drive some costs down and allows scaling efficiency, it removes the ability for teamwork with customers and channel partners.

Teamwork between customers, channel partners, and the enterprise storage companies is essential to achieving the best result for all three entities in the equation. There are so many infrastructure providers it is very daunting for IT firms to research the best investment for their IT-based very dynamic internal business and technical requirements. Enter the trusted channel partner. Channel partner resources typically have a more in-depth, business breadth, and usually have the lengthy trust of their customers. The customers trust their channel partners to understand the technical and business benefits of several enterprise storage companies, along with their integration/automation capabilities, support levels, and last, but not least, their cost to value ratios. When the channel partners and enterprise storage company invest in each other’s skillsets and service offerings, they become vastly more valuable to an enterprise customer’s IT team and provide substantially better business value.

At the end of the day, if all three parties get back to the basics in these situations by working as a team, that business will more rapidly show the impact of the technology, both financially and operationally. The channel partners earn even more trust and expand the opportunity for additional business with their customers. But, what about the enterprise storage company? They gain credibility and trust from both the enterprise customers and channel partners.

To encourage this teamwork, enterprise storage leader Infinidat is “putting our money where our mouth is.” In 2023, we are going against the current economic grain and investing even further with our channel partner community. Today, we announced the Infinidat Infuziast Certification program to provide channel partners with more technical and business insights and education on Infinidat’s award-winning storage solutions. Becoming an Infuziast certified resource will lead to better assisting your enterprise customers who require the best economic value in the enterprise storage market, as 2023 squeezes even more tightly IT and business budgets globally.

The Infuziast Certification program will be available in the first half of 2023 in the Americas and in the second half of 2023 in EMEA and APJ. If you are an Americas channel partner who is interested in learning more about this program, please email [email protected] with your company name, your role, and the region in the Americas you cover. We will have the appropriate Infinidat Channel Manager reach out to you to schedule a briefing of the Infuziast program and how it benefits you and your company to better service your enterprise customers and their ever increasing and complex storage needs.

Infinidat is “The Standard in Enterprise Storage”, make certain we all work together to achieve our mutually aligned goals in 2023 and beyond – giving your enterprise customers more business and technical value from their storage environments, while driving more revenue and profit opportunities for you and your company.

To read the Channel Momentum press release, click here.

About Bryan Stover

Bryan Stover is Director, Americas Pre-Sales Engineering at Infinidat. He is a seasoned storage engineer with managerial and leadership skills in several organizations. He has spent almost his entire career as a hands-on storage engineer or guiding enterprise engineering efforts as an end user, ultimately ending up selling enterprise storage and mentoring sales teams at multiple storage OEMs before starting his career at Infinidat in 2015.