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Gaming Equipment Leader NOVOMATIC Italia Wins Big with Infinidat’s Storage Solution to Increase Performance, Efficiency, and Cost Savings

Waltham, Mass.
November 8, 2023

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, today announced that NOVOMATIC Italia, which develops and markets gaming products, has successfully upgraded its enterprise storage infrastructure with Infinidat’s state-of-the-art InfiniBox solution. The Italian gaming giant made a change from its legacy storage products to modernize its storage capabilities with Infinidat’s innovation to improve performance, simplify storage management, lower costs, incorporate autonomous automation, and obtain better service and support. An unmatched mix of technical excellence and business value from InfiniBox was a winning combination for this enterprise.

“With Infinidat, we have had the opportunity to implement an excellent on-premises, cloud-like experience, thanks to the InfiniBox solution’s extremely user-friendly interface, flexibility to grow with Capacity-on-Demand, and software driven by AI and machine learning that give us the best performance in our environment,” said Daniele Rosati, IT System Infrastructure & Architecture Manager at NOVOMATIC. “In addition, Infinidat technology guarantees very high reliability. Infinidat exceeded our expectations.”

Before turning to Infinidat, NOVOMATIC Italia needed a storage refresh, having struggled with the slower performance, complex management, and limited support of its outdated storage implementation from a legacy vendor. NOVOMATIC was going to end up paying too much for service and support if they did not make a change in supplier. After an evaluation of the top storage products on the market, this gaming enterprise chose Infinidat to be its premier supplier of high-performance, cyber resilient storage solutions.

The award-winning InfiniBox® platform was installed in mid-2022, with the support of a Technical Advisor at no extra charge. InfiniBox provides the industry’s highest performance at the lowest latency, along with 100% availability, ease-of-use, cyber resilience, and autonomous automation – available with flexible consumption models for lower CAPEX and OPEX. Immediately, NOVOMATIC saw a remarkable improvement in the performance of their storage infrastructure after the installation of the InfiniBox platform. Autonomous automation eliminated complexity and optimized both the performance and the efficiency of managing a variety of workloads and applications. The Capacity-on-Demand model that Infinidat offers also delivered significant cost savings.

The Infinidat enterprise storage solution reduced latency by 68% for NOVOMATIC, dropping to only 0.32ms from 1ms on its previous storage system. In addition, Infinidat increased the cache hit ratio to 98.8% - up from only 50% on its previous storage system.

“We wanted to partner with a top-tier storage solution provider that could change the game for our on-premises storage infrastructure by delivering innovation, automation, and a high level of technical support that makes our lives easier,” added Rosati. “Infinidat was the perfect fit. The ease of use of the Infinidat storage solution is outstanding, and we do not have any latency issues anymore after the installation of InfiniBox.”

Steve Sullivan, CRO at Infinidat, said, “For enterprises looking to do a storage refresh, consolidate storage, or upgrade its storage capabilities while lowering costs at the same time, Infinidat offers powerful, automated solutions designed to unlock new levels of value, flexibility, and built-in support for enterprise storage. NOVOMATIC Italia’s criteria of requirements is similar to those of many enterprises that need to reduce the complexities and costs of their storage infrastructure. Now recognized as one of the top enterprise storage arrays in the world, our InfiniBox solution has enabled this Italian gaming enterprise to achieve its goals.”

As part of its expansive ecosystem, Infinidat also met NOVOMATIC’s requirement for interoperability with Hyper V, as well as compatibility between InfiniBox and the Cisco UCS servers. This support has helped create a more seamless operation between its storage capabilities and other major parts of its IT infrastructure. Looking ahead, as it grows as a business with rising volumes of data, NOVOMATIC plans to consider Infinidat for future expansion, especially for increased capacity.

To read the full case study, click here.

About NOVOMATIC Italia
NOVOMATIC Italia develops and markets gaming products through well-known commercial brands in the Italian gaming sector. The range of NOVOMATIC Italia's offering includes physical gaming products and services, also in self-service mode through management systems and cutting-edge technologies, unique system solutions, and innovative products. NOVOMATIC Italia is part of the NOVOMATIC AG Group, one of the largest international manufacturers and operators of gaming technologies. Founded by entrepreneur Professor Johann F. Graf in 1980, the Group has offices in 50 countries, exports high-tech gaming equipment to around 100 countries, and employs about 22,000 people worldwide. The NOVOMATIC AG Group has been in Italy since 2007, specializing in the supply of Newslot and Video Lottery products.

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