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Hawai‘i Medical Service Association Installs INFINIDAT, Improves Performance By More Than 40%

Waltham, Mass.
July 12, 2016

Health Insurer Optimizes Data Growth Management, Boosts Application Response Times and Improves Replication Times with the InfiniBox Enterprise Data Storage

INFINIDAT, a leading provider of enterprise data storage solutions, today announced that independent health insurer, Hawai‘i Medical Service Association (HMSA), has selected the InfiniBox™ enterprise proven storage array to improve its customer experience by better managing the sheer volume growth of its data, consolidating its storage infrastructure, and boosting application response times. Since installing InfiniBox in both its Kapolei and Honolulu data centers, HMSA has improved its overall storage performance by more than 40 percent.

More than half of Hawai‘i’s population counts on HMSA for reliable and affordable health plans. Therefore, technology solutions that are high performance, highly dependable and cost-effective are essential for meeting the expectations of both the insurer and its members.

“With InfiniBox, we’re obtaining the high performance and exceptional reliability we need to meet our technology goals,” said Michel Danon, senior vice president and chief information officer at HMSA. “At the same time, we’re getting the best overall storage pricing and exceeding our cost objectives.”

HMSA also chose InfiniBox for its ability to support the organization’s new data center model. HMSA had been using one of its data centers as the main production data center. The other was used for disaster recovery. By installing the InfiniBox system, HMSA is now able to ensure faster, more reliable data recovery in both locations. This means both data centers are now active production centers and can provide disaster recovery.

“With our previous storage system, the replication time for 80 GB of virtual machines was anywhere from 55 to 90 minutes. With the InfiniBox systems, we reduced the replication time to only six seconds,” explained Danon.

During Proof of Concept testing with the InfiniBox, HMSA recorded before and after metrics and was astounded at what else they found.

“InfiniBox was subjected to the most rigorous testing we’ve ever conducted on a storage platform, about three times more testing than our previous system,” explained Joe McVicker, senior storage administrator at HMSA. “We were seeing lower write latency than the all-flash array we use for our VDI. That is very impressive for a hybrid array. For me, that’s paramount. Whatever we put on the InfiniBox, I know that write latency is pretty much non-existent.”

HMSA has migrated most of its VMware, Vcloud, private clouds, and user testing areas onto InfiniBox. It is currently in the process of migrating most of its production workloads and plans to build out new infrastructure that will also go onto the InfiniBox.

“We’re shuffling most of our application data sets onto the InfiniBox architecture,” explained McVicker. “Confidence is really, really high when it comes to deciding ‘where do we put it?’. We don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s going on the InfiniBox, plain and simple.”

Scalable to over 2.7PB of usable storage capacity in a single 19-inch/42U rack, InfiniBox offers 99.99999% availability, microsecond latency and delivers ultra-high performance of up to one million IOPS. Reliability features include end-to-end data protection; triple redundant power and data paths; snapshots and replication; and hot swap upgrades. InfiniBox storage arrays are also extremely power-efficient, drawing a maximum of between 3-8KW at a full load. As a result of all its storage performance and efficiency capabilities, InfiniBox provides customers with an extremely low total cost of ownership.

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Companies who acquire, store and analyze the most data achieve the greatest competitive advantage. INFINIDAT helps clients achieve competitive business advantage at a disruptive price point by delivering 1M IOPS of performance at microsecond latency, 99.99999% reliability and over 2.7 PBs of capacity in a single rack. Automated provisioning, management, and application integration provide a system that is incredibly efficient and easy to deploy and manage. INFINIDAT is changing the paradigm of enterprise storage while reducing capital requirements, operational overhead, and complexity.  INFINIDAT: Storing the Future.

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