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INFINIDAT Responds to Customers’ Requests for Greater Workload Consolidation and Enhanced Data Protection

Waltham, Mass.
February 26, 2019

InfiniBox Update Addresses Customers’ Need for SMB Protocol Support, Malware Protection, and Improved Performance

INFINIDAT, the market’s leading independent provider of enterprise-class data storage solutions, today announced enhancements of its InfiniBox® software. These enhancements offer enterprises the ability to consolidate more workloads while providing higher levels of data protection. New features include support for the Windows SMB protocol, data protection features, NFS self-service file recovery, and significant performance improvements – all at no additional cost to customers.

“As one of the largest managed services providers in the US, we are consistently staying ahead of technology trends to offer our customers the best possible experience,” said Mike Gray, CTO at Thrive. “We are already running InfiniBox with the latest software and could not be happier. INFINIDAT inherently understands our need for petabyte-scale performance, availability, security, and economics. We have high expectations, and INFINIDAT consistently delivers.”

“Our customers are at the center of every product, feature and update we deliver. This software release is a direct response to our customers’ recent feedback during the INFINIDAT 2018 Customer Council in Boston, as well as the ongoing conversations we have with our channel partners and account teams,” said Brian Carmody, CTO at INFINIDAT. “With continued customer demand for more diverse workloads and greater data protection, we have ensured that the InfiniBox continues to provide a rich feature set with the highest availability and data reliability for our customers.”

The latest InfiniBox software features support for SMB protocol, supporting versions SMB 2.1 through SMB 3.1.1, increasing integration with Microsoft Windows ecosystems, data workflows, and file sharing. This protocol addition complements the availability of FC, iSCSI, and NFS already supported in a single, petabyte-scale storage solution.

“INFINIDAT made the high-end enterprise storage more accessible thanks to their expanded protocol support for their petabyte-scale InfiniBox storage solution,” said Ned Pyle, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Windows Server High Availability and Storage. “We’re pleased to welcome them to the SMB ecosystem and look forward to seeing the value this expanded protocol support brings to our joint customers.”

This latest InfiniBox software update also extends critical data protection capabilities with improved InfiniSnap snapshot features. With this update, customers have access to immutable snapshots for volumes, filesystems and consistency groups as part of an already powerful snapshot feature set. Immutable snapshots, when used consistently, protect data from the harmful effects of malware and ransomware. Snapshot Directory, for self-service file recovery, is also included with this update. End users can easily browse, select, and recover files that have been inadvertently deleted or modified, without administrative assistance.

In addition to the added data protection capabilities, this software release also delivers a 30 percent performance increase in IOPS and a 22 percent increase in throughput. InfiniBox now delivers over 1.3 million IOPS, up to 15.2 GB/s throughput, and further reduction in latency.


InfiniBox data protection and performance enhancements are generally available today. Existing customers will be able to upgrade as a non-disruptive upgrade with no additional licensing fees. SMB protocol support is available initially on newly deployed InfiniBox models and will be generally available in the second quarter of 2019.

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