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IT Analyst Firm GigaOm Recognizes Infinidat as a Leader and an Outperformer in Primary Storage for Large Enterprises and Midsize Businesses

Waltham, Mass.
January 30, 2024

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, today announced that GigaOm, an IT analyst firm, has recognized Infinidat as a Leader and an Outperformer in primary storage for both large enterprises and midsize businesses. Details of Infinidat’s leadership are available in two new 2024 Radar reports: “GigaOm Radar: Primary Storage for Large Enterprises” and “GigaOm Radar: Primary Storage for Midsize Businesses.” GigaOm has identified Infinidat as providing “modern, AI-based hybrid storage solutions” with “essential cyber resilience” and “robust storage and data protection capabilities” in the InfiniBox® hybrid and InfiniBox™ SSA II solutions. Infinidat is distinguished for its cyber resiliency, reliability, high performance, versatility, ease of use, availability, scalability, cost savings, and a complete set of integrations for virtualized environments.

GigaOm’s analysts wrote in these reports: “Infinidat has high-end enterprise characteristics and a balanced AI-based architecture that enables users to consolidate a wide range of workloads in a single system and deliver a consistent performance experience. With the STaaS offerings, most midsize businesses are becoming potential customers for Infinidat solutions.” GigaOm goes on to summarize in their independent analysis, “The company is innovating at a fast pace and has a core focus on cyber resilience and AI-based analytics.”

Howard Holton, CTO at GigaOm said, “Infinidat is providing enterprise storage solutions that are meeting the demands of today’s data-intensive digital enterprises and addressing the biggest data management and data protection challenges for private, public and hybrid cloud architectures. Infinidat focuses on guaranteed availability, capacity, and flexible scalability with its InfiniBox hybrid array and its InfiniBox SSA II all-flash solution designed for mission-critical workloads. The company is on the leading edge of ransomware protection and cyber resilience for primary storage. It has an easy-to-use, AI-driven management system that opens up new possibilities for enterprises that may not have previously considered Infinidat for primary storage.”

“GigaOm’s comprehensive assessment and ranking of Infinidat as a Leader and an Outperformer for large enterprises and midsize businesses validates our differentiation, our value to enterprise customers, and our ability to broaden and deepen our impact with leading-edge cyber resilient storage solutions worldwide,” said Eric Herzog, CMO at Infinidat “This is why Infinidat is getting a seat at the table with large enterprises and midsize businesses globally. We have set a new standard in enterprise storage. No other storage vendor has the combination of capabilities, capacity, and cyber powerhouse integration with AI-driven automation, all at lower CAPEX and OPEX, that we do.”

The new Radar reports highlight the major new solutions that Infinidat has launched over the past year, citing the company’s significant advancements in ransomware protection and cyber resilience with InfiniSafe®. In 2023, InfiniSafe was enhanced with cyber detection capabilities, an industry-first to be built into a primary storage platform. The company also expanded support for hybrid cloud deployments with InfuzeOS™ Cloud Edition for AWS, providing a fully functioning version of its on-premises system in the public cloud.

Paving the way for more midsize businesses to adopt Infinidat’s enterprise-grade storage solutions, the InfiniBox™ SSA platform now provides partially populated versions that are 60% and 80% of full capacity and can be scaled up to 100% capacity without any disruption to the operation of the business or the IT infrastructure. Noting this new option of a partially populated implementation, the GigaOm analysts wrote, “This helps in the midsize area where fully populated systems in the past may have been too much for some considering capacity and entry cost in this space.”

In October 2023, Infinidat launched SSA Express, offering an all-flash solution for midsize of up to 320TB within a hybrid system. The SSA Express delivers similar performance and availability of the larger InfiniBox SSA system, yet at a smaller scale. It eliminates the need for enterprises to purchase a separate siloed flash array to support smaller applications and workloads that require high performance at low latency.

Infinidat’s solutions support primary storage, hybrid cloud storage, business continuity, and disaster recovery – all backed by guarantees for availability, performance, and cyber resilience and recovery. This is the second consecutive year that Infinidat has been recognized as a Leader and an Outperformer for large enterprises, and it’s a breakthrough year that the company has been recognized as a Leader and an Outperformer for midsize businesses.

To download the full analyst reports, click the links below:

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