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Managed Cloud Service Provider INetU Selects INFINIDAT to Deliver Improved Storage Performance to Customers

Needham, Mass.
November 17, 2015

Offers Private and Public Cloud Hosting Customers a Scalable, Flexible, Secure and Reliable Storage System That Speeds Customer Deployment

INFINIDAT, a leading provider of advanced enterprise data storage solutions, announces that INetU, a managed cloud hosting and security services provider headquartered in Allentown, PA, has installed the InfiniBox™ enterprise-proven storage solution to provide its customers with a more scalable, flexible and high performance system for managing their most important asset, their data.

INetU offers SAN infrastructure to private cloud customers in order to meet their demanding performance needs.  In an expansion of that offering, INetU has teamed with INFINIDAT to provide a shared SAN option that features a lower price point, faster provisioning and more flexibility to meet customers’ ever-changing storage needs.

“As a managed cloud service provider, we wanted to be able to offer our customers a high performance shared SAN solution that can be quickly provisioned,” said Andrew Hodes, CTO at INetU.

The InfiniBox enterprise-proven solution allows INetU to get customers up and running quickly without having to rely on multiple hardware installations and processes. If a customer requires 100 terabytes of storage, INetU can now deliver it immediately with InfiniBox. The InfiniBox solution also meets the significant security requirements of the INetU clients, separating each customer and ensuring all data can be secure and compliant.

The InfiniBox was subjected to rigorous testing during a Proof of Concept run by INetU.  INetU found that the InfiniBox exceeded all testing requirements, delivering performance levels that meet the needs of INetU customers and proving to be a highly reliable machine.

“We found that the InfiniBox outperformed every other spinning disk and hybrid solution we tested,” said Hodes. “Most impressive is that the InfiniBox performance was near that of an all-flash array in many benchmarks and at a fraction of the cost per GB. We conducted numerous failure tests, ranging from taking out a node to pulling multiple disks, and the InfiniBox didn’t blink an eye.”

“Cloud service providers are constantly seeking more efficient ways to respond to their customers’ ever-changing storage demands,” said Randy Arseneau, Chief Marketing Officer at INFINIDAT. “While performance is certainly a vital element of the services they provide, they need a storage system that is also highly available and can be scaled easily and cost-effectively. InfiniBox provides INetU with the flexibility to put one or more customers on a single system while ensuring that there is ample performance headroom to go around. It delivers the capacity they need whenever their customers request it, without requiring an onerous investment of cost or time.”

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INFINIDAT provides advanced enterprise data storage solutions at a disruptive price point. Through the use of its patented Infinidat Storage Architecture™, INFINIDAT employs commodity hardware to deliver highly efficient multi-petabyte capacity in a single rack. The InfiniBox™ solution also delivers mainframe-class reliability with an unprecedented 99.99999% availability, and over 900K IOPS of sustained performance. Automated provisioning, management, and application integration provide a system that is incredibly efficient and easy to use. INFINIDAT is changing the paradigm of enterprise storage while reducing operational overhead, complexity and cost.

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