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InfiniBox Takes Lead in Race for Energy Efficient Storage

Everybody knows that the growth of data is having an impact on your storage budget. But do you know the other ways this impacts your overall budget? Sure there’s the IT personnel budget required to manage the storage, but more and more, these arrays are also consuming valuable data center real estate, forcing organizations to find new places to put the physical storage. The other major cost factor that this data growth is having is on the power and cooling it takes to keep the storage running. In fact, the average cost to power a data center is approximately $180,000 per year. These costs are overtaking the overall IT budget, and that’s why ‘storage efficiency’ has become so important.

Below is an Infographic that takes a bottoms up look at INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox and how its underlying technology drives more efficiency than any other array on the market today. InfiniBox keeps your data center footprint from sprawling out of control and keeps your power costs low by taking only 2kW/TB to operate.

InfiniBox Infographic


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