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Infinidat Drives IT Staff Productivity Gains!

Every enterprise is looking to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their IT resources. Recently IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence, conducted a detailed survey and in-depth interviews over many months with enterprises in North America and Europe that are using the InfiniBox platform and have experience with and knowledge of the benefits and financial value of the InfiniBox® platform.

Based on its analysis, IDC created a model that expresses the business value and costs of utilizing the InfiniBox platform. The outcome of this business value analysis is powerfully compelling for any enterprise looking to purchase storage, especially today in these uncertain economic times. Enterprises need and demand that their investment provides a high level of certainty and assurances since budgets are tight. But they also can’t wait too long for results as these investments are critical to their businesses and must show a quick payback. The full *IDC Business Value whitepaper is available here.

In the first blog we took a deeper dive into the analysis that IDC performed to discover how Infinidat provides IT Infrastructure Cost Reductions. In this second blog, we will explore how the InfiniBox platform can impact IT Staff Productivity Gains. There is a huge skills shortage in IT compounded by budgets being cut and IT management required to do more with less.

Key Findings!

IDC quantified the value that enterprise participants received at an average annual benefit of $1.29 million over five years (see Figure 1). IDC further calculated that adoption would yield financial benefits of $166,900 per PB of storage capacity.

(Figure 1 - Annual Average Benefits per Organization - IT staff productivity cost highlighted)

In the IDC analysis, there are three main areas that made a huge impact on an organization’s business value. In this blog, we’ll focus on the biggest one, IT staff productivity gains, which contributed over $497K to the overall annual average benefits per organization, of $1.29M. (Figure 1)

Simplified Management is Key to IT Staff Productivity

One of the key value propositions of InfiniBox is its simplified management, all driven by the unique software-defined storage architecture – InfuzeOS™. InfuzeOS deeply permeates every aspect of Infinidat’s storage platforms resulting in enterprise-class capabilities that are unrivaled in performance, cyber storage resilience, reliability, and availability. All the components within InfuzeOS work together intelligently and autonomously to deliver exceptional data services capabilities.

At the performance core of InfuzeOS is our Neural Cache technology, which uses deep learning techniques to intelligently place stored data and highly optimize read cache hit rates resulting in exceptional real-world application performance in mixed workload environments. Even in mixed and consolidated workloads over time, the deep learning aspects of the Neural Cache optimize data placement quickly to maximize read cache hits. As Neural Cache quickly adapts based on data usage behaviors and seamlessly responds to new applications and new workloads it consistently delivers 90%, or better, cache hit ratios on many workloads! Your storage management team doesn’t have to reconfigure your array, redirect workflows, or reserve resources for multiple mixed workloads. InfuzeOS takes care of it without intervention.

Study participants reported that storage management teams were able to take advantage of streamlined and user-friendly storage management features to improve productivity. IDC quantified storage team staff productivity (Figure 2) with an average productivity increase of 48% after adoption of InfiniBox and an average annual salary savings of $255.1K for each organization surveyed!

(Figure 2 – Storage Management Staff Impact)

Reliable Performance + Easy to Manage = Reduced Staff Costs

According to IDC, more reliable performance also translated into less business disruption. Enterprises interviewed noted that they saw fewer storage-related help desk tickets and were more efficient in resolving problems with the InfiniBox platform’s robust management tools. In Figure 3, help desk staff spent 70% less time on calls after implementing Infinidat’s InfiniBox. Additionally, there were 51% fewer calls per week to manage, and the time to resolve calls dropped by 38%.

(Figure 3 – IT Help Desk Impact)

The Bottom Line

Look at what happens when you take the total cost of operations (OpEx) over a five-year period, which combines both IT staff savings and reduced IT infrastructure costs, (Figure 4). Amazingly, interviewed organizations reduced their operational costs for storage infrastructure by 48%, based on enhanced staff efficiencies and the use of cost-effective infrastructure in comparison with the cost of alternative or legacy storage systems. Taking this one step further - if you consider the reduced data center footprint of consolidation to a petabyte scale platform, reduction in the required power and cooling requirements, you are starting to get a more complete picture of your OpEx savings!

(Figure 4 – Cost of Operations – Combined total of Infrastructure and Staff Cost)

Clearly, the InfiniBox platform is designed to help enterprises meet operational challenges by providing high performance infused with high availability, cyber storage resilience, and innovative management features, all within an OpEx model that drives value and an 11 month ROI for their organization. For more detailed information on how you can benefit from this study, go here! Stay tuned for the next blog on the IDC Business Value whitepaper when we’ll take a closer look at how Infinidat drives business productivity gains!

*IDC White Paper, sponsored by Infinidat, “The Business Value of Infinidat Storage” (doc #US49976922, February 2023)

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Tim Dales is a Product Marketing Manager at Infinidat. Tim has over 30 years’ experience in the development, marketing and sales of IT infrastructures. A former Sr. Analyst at a storage analyst firm working with the Dell/EMC product team on APEX and creating launch collateral for Pure Storage. He has also held positions as an executive for networking vendor Solarflare, product marketing and sales for a CDP startup, MTI, and Emulex.