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Navigating Uncertainty: Economics, Cybercrime, and More

If the recent June 2023 Fortune CEO survey is any indication, the #1 concern of CEOs is still the “R” word…. Recession, with Cybersecurity taking a very close #2 position. Inflation and a slowing economy have led to a number of layoffs across all industries and across the globe and, by all accounts, cybercrimes will cost companies over eight billion US dollars this year!

As a CEO you need to tread carefully during these uncertain economic times and cybercrime filled environments and make each decision count. Budgets are tight or declining in most companies. So, now is the time to make sure every dollar spent will make a definite, quantifiable impact on the business, in the shortest amount of time.

Data is the lifeblood of today’s enterprise. The management and security of that data is paramount to the enterprise to enable successful operations, e-commerce, customer interaction and data mining with AI tools. Providing the right enterprise storage infrastructure to support the enterprise’s mission in these tough times is a challenge facing CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs in all parts of the world.

Where do you start?

Realizing that the economics of the enterprise storage infrastructure goes beyond what the purchase cost is and involves a complex total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation, is a good first step. Additionally, these systems must do so much more today including: supporting modern backup and recovery software, fast point-in-time snapshots, immutable snapshots, ransomware detection and remediation, data efficiencies like compression, and powerful data replication between data centers and to the cloud, to name a few. All with ease of setup, daily management, and autonomous automation.

How do you get this?

Third-party references, peer reviews, analyst reports, and talking to CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs at similarly sized enterprises to discover their experiences, are all good avenues. But it will take time and a huge amount of effort to gather, assess and analyze all these data points. So, what if you could go to one place, to one company that could show you all this:

  • The economic customer benefits of Infinidat storage, according to IDC research, saw overall OpEx expenses cut nearly in half. Storage management teams boosted their IT staff productivity by over 50% and CFOs saw a payback on their investment in only 11 months! Read Whitepaper.

  • GigaOm Sonar Report: Unrivaled cyber storage resilience: “Primary data is the first point of impact for ransomware attacks, so it is critical for organizations to implement primary storage solutions that incorporate ransomware protection, such as Infinidat’s cyber resilience solution - InfiniSafe,” said Max Mortillaro, Analyst at GigaOm. Read more.
  • Peer Reviews: In the 2023 Gartner Peer Insights Review Infinidat, for the fourth time, was named by end users as a “Customer’s Choice”. Additionally, Infinidat received 4.9 stars out of 5 in the Primary Storage Arrays market and of customers indicated their willingness to recommend Infinidat to their peers >98% of the time. Read more.

  • GigaOm Radar Report: IT analyst firm GigaOm recognizes Infinidat as a leader and outperformer, driving innovation in primary storage solutions for large enterprises. Read more.
  • Use a web-based OpEx Saving Calculator to determine your annual saving in power and cooling (kWatts) over the competition. Just plug-in your electricity costs!

  • Determine the kWh savings of electricity consumption and what that equals in greenhouse gas emissions to satisfy your corporate ESG policy.

Discover all this insight at one location, from one company. You can recession- and cyber-proof your complete enterprise storage infrastructure with the leading enterprise storage partner - Infinidat.

About Tim Dales

Tim Dales is a Product Marketing Manager at Infinidat. Tim has over 30 years’ experience in the development, marketing and sales of IT infrastructures. A former Sr. Analyst at a storage analyst firm working with the Dell/EMC product team on APEX and creating launch collateral for Pure Storage. He has also held positions as an executive for networking vendor Solarflare, product marketing and sales for a CDP startup, MTI, and Emulex.