Infinidat Delivers Dramatic Financial Value

Infinidat delivers the value, performance, and certainty you deserve, but aren’t getting from your current enterprise storage vendor.

Reduced overall OpEx
5-year ROI
Annual average benefits per system
11 mo
Payback in 11 months
Win over the CFO with Infinidat’s strong financial value and make IT happier with our powerful technical benefits and guarantees.

Switch to Infinidat for millions in OpEx and CapEx savings

The economic benefits of Infinidat storage are dramatic and quick, according to IDC research commissioned by Infinidat. Customers saw overall OpEx expenses cut nearly in half. Storage management teams boosted their efficiency by over 50% and saw a payback on their investment in less than a year.



Switch to Infinidat for millions in OpEx and CapEx savings.

Discover Your OpEx Savings with Infinidat
Enterprise-class Storage Competitor
InfiniBox | F4300
Max Raw Capacity
2000 TB
2000 TB
DC Floor Expense
2 Tiles
2 Tiles
Annual Energy Consumption - kWh
(Power and cooling)*
Your Annual Savings with Infinidat
66%More Power Efficient
More efficient storage management
More usable PB
OpEx savings per petabyte

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