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Infinidat Increases Business Productivity!

Recently, IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence, conducted a detailed survey and analysis of organizations using the industry acclaimed Infinidat InfiniBox ® platform for their enterprise storage needs. Over many months IDC conducted in-depth interviews with enterprise organizations that are using the InfiniBox platform and have experience with and knowledge of the benefits and costs of using the InfiniBox platform over other storage systems.

Based on its analysis, IDC created a model that expresses the business value and costs of utilizing the InfiniBox platform. The outcome of this business value analysis is powerfully compelling for any enterprise considering purchasing storage in these uncertain economic times. The full IDC Business Value whitepaper is available here.

In our first blog we took a deeper dive into the analysis that IDC performed to discover how Infinidat provides IT Infrastructure Cost Reductions. In our second blog we discovered how the InfiniBox platform impacts IT Staff Productivity gains. In this third blog we will address the third largest contributor of annual average benefits, Business Productivity Gains!

Key Findings!
IDC quantified the value that the study’s participants received at an average annual benefit of $1.29 million over five years (see Figure 1). IDC further calculated that adoption would yield annual benefits of $166,900 per PB of storage capacity.

(Figure 1 - Annual Average Benefits per Organization - Business productivity benefits highlighted)

In the IDC analysis, there are three main areas that made a huge impact on an enterprise’s business value. In this blog, we’ll focus on the second biggest one, business productivity benefits, which contributed $373K to the overall annual average benefits per organization, of $1.29M. (Figure 1).

Business Productivity Benefits

Measuring business productivity in an enterprise can be a nebulous undertaking. As far back as I can remember, a good “rule of thumb” to determine business productivity was to divide the number of employees by the annual revenue. Any resultant between $.5M to $1M was deemed a productive environment. With today’s modern analytic tools, enterprises are now able to quantify business productivity, gains or losses, much more succinctly.

In the IDC study, enterprises reported that their use of the InfiniBox led to positive benefits across their business operations and results. Improved storage performance and how the team managed the storage greatly impacted the productivity, so that teams could spend more time working on projects that directly supported the business operations. Applying KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure and quantity the direct benefits to business operations revealed some dramatic results.

The enterprises interviewed reported significant improvements across a number of performance metrics. The greatest performance indicator was seen in backup time, which improved 49%, along with load times improving 41%, transaction rates up 35%, and query speeds quicker by 21%.

(Figure 2 – Storage-based Performance - Key Performance Indicators - KPI)

The last two KPIs from Figure 2, transaction rate improvement and quicker query speed, point to a marked improvement in end-user productivity gains that add tremendous value to the business. Imagine what a 35% improvement in the transaction rate would do for an online business, like Amazon.

Taking the KPIs one step further, IDC examined several business-related KPIs. Organizations reported that having the storage resources and features they needed helped them deploy applications faster and reduce business-related errors. The result being companies moved 19% faster to market and had 4% fewer process errors after adopting Infinidat InfiniBox.

(Figure 3 – Business KPIs - Improvement)

The Bottom Line

Over the last two blogs and this final blog, we’ve focused on the three major areas where Infinidat’s InfiniBox platform has the strongest business value and financial impact in today’s uncertain economic times:

  • IT Infrastructure Cost Reductions
  • IT Staff Productivity Gains
  • Business Productivity Benefits

All resulting in an average annual benefit per organization of $1.29Million! The InfiniBox platform helps enterprises meet business operational challenges by providing high performance infused with high availability, cyber storage resilience, and innovative management features, all within a financial model that drives an exceedingly fast 11 month return on investment (ROI).

About Tim Dales

Tim Dales is a Product Marketing Manager at Infinidat. Tim has over 30 years’ experience in the development, marketing and sales of IT infrastructures. A former Sr. Analyst at a storage analyst firm working with the Dell/EMC product team on APEX and creating launch collateral for Pure Storage. He has also held positions as an executive for networking vendor Solarflare, product marketing and sales for a CDP startup, MTI, and Emulex.