InfiniBox Data Sheet

The InfiniBox enterprise storage solution is the ultimate truly unified storage system for mission critical applications, featuring predictable high performance, single frame multi-petabyte capacity, superior availability, and unmatched TCO. Built for the cloud and mixed workloads, InfiniBox provides unparalleled management capabilities and management automation.

InfiniBox Unified Storage: NAS Capabilities

InfiniBox was designed from day one to be a unified storage solution. Its core architecture is based on a data layout and metadata structure that caters to the needs of each protocol type (block and file). This core includes all the data services (snapshots, clones, dual-parity data protection, common data pooling, etc.) that both SAN and NAS need, and use.

INFINIDAT – Storing the Future

This paper outlines a way to think about storage that can solve the problems of availability and reliability, performance, manageability, application ecosystem integration, and platform architecture today and long into the future.

Host PowerTools Data Sheet

Host PowerTools is used to simplify the management of servers and storage. It enables different IT teams to work together more easily to provide greater data availability and access for the organization. These tools can be used to ensure configuration readiness and self-healing, to enable self-service of routine storage operations, and much more.

INFINIDAT Storage Architecture

This whitepaper discusses how the INFINIDAT enterprise storage solution is based upon the unique and patented INFINIDAT Storage Architecture™ (ISA). The INFINIDAT Storage Architecture is a fully abstracted set of software-driven storage functions layered on top of very low-cost commodity hardware.

INFINIDAT Flash-Optimized Hybrid Storage Array vs. Current All-Flash Arrays (AFA)

This Executive Brief compares and contrasts INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox™ Flash-Optimized Hybrid Array and currently available All-Flash Arrays (AFAs).  The goal being to provide simple, objective and actionable perspectives on where and how these solutions are best utilized within the enterprise data center.

OpenStack Solutions

Learn how InfiniBox can be deployed behind OpenStack to provide extremely reliable and high performance storage for cost-sensitive cloud workloads.  Integration between InfiniBox and OpenStack is easy using InfiniBox Cinder driver.

INFINIDAT Data Protection

As data has taken on the role of being the lifeblood of business, protecting that data is the most important task IT has in the datacenter today. Learn how InfiniBox provides organizations with the greatest uptime and the highest data availability for the lowest overall costs.

Software-Defined Storage (SDS): How Pre-Integrated SDS Stacks Up Against Software-Only

Today, there is software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined storage (SDS) and even the software-defined data center (SDDC). But how do you know whether this approach is right for you?

A More Sustainable Approach to Enterprise Data Storage: Reducing Power Consumption with InfiniBox™

As INFINIDAT set out to revolutionize the storage industry, one of our goals was to help consumers of storage build a more sustainable infrastructure that would be not only better for the environment, but also help them to save money as well.

A Service Provider Path to Scale and Profitability

This white paper explores a path for service providers to unlock greater scale and profitability through the right storage solution.



Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays
INFINIDAT has been placed in the visionary quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays for 2016; for the second year in a row.


IDC Vendor Profile: INFINIDAT Bucks Storage Market Trends
Learn why enterprises should consider INFINIDAT when looking for cost-effective high performance in 3rdPlatform computing environments or when moving to denser workload consolidation for efficiency reasons. Download report to learn more.


IDC White Paper: Achieving Seven-Nines of Availability for Modern Data Infrastructures
This IDC White Paper focuses on the architectural constraints that inhibit legacy storage systems and a new approach that finally meets the strict reliability and high availability requirements of digitally transformed businesses. Download the paper to learn more.


Customer Storage Priorities
This report presents key findings from an IDC end-user survey. The paper provides an overview of Infinidat, an emerging storage vendor that aims to tackle the challenges of compromising between capacity, performance, reliability, ease of use, and cost. based on a new storage architecture model.

Storage Switzerland

The Anatomy of a Consolidated Storage System
INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox promises to provide the data center with a storage system that will allow them to achieve the consolidation goal, without sacrificing performance or increasing costs.

Storage Switzerland

Why is Virtualization creating Storage Sprawl?
Storage sprawl has become worse in organizations that have made a significant investment in virtualization technologies. As a result most organizations end up buying a separate Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to support user home directories and other types of unstructured data.

Storage Switzerland

What are the Requirements to Consolidate Storage?
In the perfect world, a data center would have a single storage system. One that would provide high performance and high capacity in a single platform that doesn’t take up much data center floor space.

Taneja Group

Enterprise Storage that Simply Runs and Runs
Storage should be the most reliable thing in the data center, not the least.
What data centers today need is enterprise storage that affordably delivers at
least 7-9’s of reliability, at scale.  That is exactly what INFINIDAT does.

ESG Solution Showcase

INFINIDAT: Capturing the Best of Two Worlds of Storage
A new storage player, INFINIDAT, has recently announced its InfiniBox solution, which looks to provide a new alternative: the flexibility and affordability of software-defined storage (SDS) combined with the resilience of hardware-centric storage solutions.

Storage Mojo

Death of Flash
Flash has revolutionized storage, but the industry has lost sight of the customer problem: optimizing storage for availability, performance, footprint, power and cost. Industry analysts aren’t helping.

451 Research

INFINIDAT Scores in Tier One, Starts Delivering on Universal Storage Promise

In this report, 451 Research details INFINIDAT’s progress toward achieving its goal of building a universal storage platform that offers unmatched availability, performance and scale — all at a disruptive price point.


Evolving Workloads Driving the Emergence of New Flash-Optimized Storage Platforms
IDC analyst Eric Burgener reveals what IT leaders should know about storage for evolving workloads and introduces the new enterprise storage workhorse designed for managing data at scale without breaking the bank.


INFINIDAT: Seven-Nines Storage with Commodity Hardware
This IDC Vendor Profile takes a closer look at the storage challenges being faced in datacenters and analyzes INFINIDAT’s strategy and portfolio.

Storage Switzerland

Product Spotlight: Making Storage Consolidation A Reality
Learn how INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox storage system just might reverse that trend and prove to be the well-architected storage system that can meet the needs of the entire enterprise


Energy Sector Solution Brief

INFINIDAT is a perfect fit for energy companies who need to reduce storage costs, manage data sprawl and simplify their storage infrastructure. The INFINIDAT unified storage architecture brings unique value to all segments of the energy industry, including the upstream, downstream, midstream and utilities sectors.

Storage Solutions for VMware: InfiniBox

VMware integration is one of the hottest topics in the storage market. The goal is to better utilize the storage, whether consolidating servers, expediting provisioning or optimizing resources. This paper details 9 key areas that the storage buyer needs to be aware of in order to have a performant and efficient virtualized infrastructure.

Storage for Big Data and Analytics Challenges

Big Data and analytics workloads represent a new frontier for organizations. This paper provides information on the issues that Big Data applications pose for storage systems and how choosing the correct storage infrastructure can streamline and consolidate Big Data and analytics applications without breaking the bank.

Storage Designed to Support an Oracle Database

InfiniBox delivers high performance, extreme availability, highest data density in the industry and ease of use all at an unmatched TCO. This is important for Oracle environments where there is a need to consolidate missioncritical databases into smaller and smaller physical footprints.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

There are solutions that address backup, recovery, and disaster recovery, as well as off-site backup and replication. This paper focuses on data protection for the data center, which is the area that houses the largest amount of data and backup infrastructure.

VMware Backups with InfiniBox

INFINIDAT provides an elegant and very efficient way to integrate enterprise storage performance and reliability, with the agility and flexibility of virtual technologies, at drastically lower TCOs.

Media and Entertainment

INFINIDAT provides a data storage solution that meets the stringent demands of Media and Entertainment organizations with a unified storage architecture that enables the scale, performance and best overall TCO required to deliver an extreme competitive advantage.

Storing the Future of Healthcare

Data is the DNA of modern healthcare. Download this white paper to learn how the right enterprise storage solution helps healthcare organizations deliver better clinician experiences and patient outcomes.

InfiniBox and Commvault® Data Platform

As business data continues to grow, traditional backup and copy methodologies are not sufficient to keep data current. Leveraging snapshot technology to ensure the currency of business data is of vital importance to a company’s bottom line.  Download this solution brief to learn how INFINIDAT InfiniSnap™ technology, leveraged by Commvault® Data Platform, ensures that your data is more current.


InfiniBox, Storing the Future

Learn about INFINIDAT, a provider of advanced enterprise data storage solutions that solve the problems of availability and reliability, performance, manageability, application ecosystem integration, and platform architecture today and long into the future.

INFINIDAT and TriCore Solutions: Data Center Transformation

Watch how TriCore Solutions, a leading cloud provider, expanded their services effectively, increased performance and improved operational efficiencies with the InfiniBox storage solution from INFINIDAT.

Why Another Storage Array?

The cost of storage is dominating the cost of the competitive business process and this MUST change.  Learn what INFINIDAT is doing to help provide clients with ‘no compromise’ storage to get the most performance, highest reliability and largest scale at disruptive price points.

The Finest Storage Array Available

Learn why the InfiniBox is the finest storage array available from Brian Carmody, INFINIDAT’s CTO.

InfiniBox No Compromise!

Brian Carmody, INFINIDAT CTO, talks at Tech Storage Field Day about INFINIDAT’s philosophy for not compromising on key storage characteristics and making storage more affordable.

The First Real Breakthrough in Data Storage

Brian Carmody, INFINIDAT’s CTO, talks at Tech Storage Field Day on the use of ‘tries’ that transforms how data is persisted on disk and how they help make InfiniBox what it is today.

Understanding the InfiniBox Data Path

Want to understand the InfiniBox Data Path? Learn about it from Brian Carmody, INFINIDAT’s CTO.

The Biggest Lie in the Storage Industry

What is the biggest lie in the storage industry?  Hear about it from Brian Carmody, INFINIDAT’s CTO.

InfiniBox Snapshots

Brian Carmody, INFINIDAT’s CTO takes you through the InfiniBox Snapshots.

Today’s Storage Workloads

Listen to Brian Carmody, INFINIDAT’s CTO, discuss today’s storage workloads and ideas behind why data storage devices need to change.

INFINIDAT: Pillars of Strength

Learn about the architecture of the InfiniBox, INFINIDAT’s innovative, enterprise-proven storage array, and how it delivers the highest levels of performance, reliability and efficiency.

Meitav Dash Gains a Competitive Advantage with INFINIDAT

Learn how Meitav Dash improved application response time by 200 to 300 percent, providing both customers and employees with a much better experience.

InfiniBox: Virtual User Address

Learn about the role that virtualization plays in making the InfiniBox enterprise-proven storage array high capacity and highly resilient.

InfiniBox: Truly Unified

Learn more about the architecture of the InfiniBox enterprise-proven storage array and how it helps organizations achieve best performance, highest reliability and largest scale, all at disruptive price point.

Playlist: The INFINIDAT Difference

INFINIDAT has brought to market a new generation of storage systems. Watch these videos learn how INFINIDAT is different from competing storage solutions and how those difference will benefit you.

Playlist: INFINIDAT in Action

Watch this series of videos to see the monitoring and management tools for the InfiniBox in action. Also see how InfiniBox integrates with VMware and how simple it easy to do routine storage related tasks for your virtualized environments.

InfiniBox Storage Array: Designed for Performance

Data center growth and storage economics are demanding two core things — performance and cost efficiency. InfiniBox’s design and architecture relies on these principles.

Data Unknown: Can We Survive Without Data?

In this episode of the Data Unknown video series, INFINIDAT VP of Product Marketing, Steve Kenniston, travels to Silicon Valley to meet with storage industry evangelist, Marc Farley. The topic of the conversation ? Data Unknown: Can We Survive Without Data?

Data Unknown: India’s Mobile Generation Connects with the Cloud

In this episode of the Data Unknown video series, Storage Alchemist and INFINIDAT VP of Product Marketing, Steve Kenniston, travels to India to meet with Neil Pollock, CEO of NxtraData Limited, a managed services provider.

OpenStack Storage- Fast, Reliable, Affordable – Pick Three

In this video from the OpenStack Summit 2016, Gregory Touretsky, INFINIDAT Product Manager will discuss how InfiniBox can meet the high performance storage needs of the OpenStack cluster.

Case Studies

TriCore Solutions Customer Case Study

TriCore Solutions, a leading Cloud Provider, needed a new way to expand their services effectively, increase performance and improve operational efficiencies. To achieve these goals TriCore implemented InfiniBox™, the storage solution for mission-critical applications from INFINIDAT. The results received from InfiniBox far exceeded TriCore’s expectations.

Meitav Dash Customer Case Study

Meitav Dash, a leading investment firm wanted to be able to provide information to their clients faster and help them make better investment decisions with more insight.  To do so, they needed a storage solution that is more responsive, provides greater uptime and is simpler to maintain.

INetU Leverages INFINIDAT Storage

INetU offers SAN infrastructure to private cloud customers in order to meet their demanding performance needs.  In an expansion of that offering, INetU has teamed with INFINIDAT to provide a shared SAN option that features a lower price point, faster provisioning and more flexibility to meet customers’ ever-changing storage needs.

Nxtra Data, Cloud Service Provider Uses InfiniBox to Meet Customer Storage Needs

Nxtra Data Limited offers a full range of data center managed services to the enterprise, government, carrier and SMB segments. They use the InfiniBox enterprise-proven storage array to ensure they are providing the best possible storage solution for their customers.

Cedacri Customer Case Study

When service provider, Cedacri, was looking for a storage solution that would provide their clients in the financial services industry with greater reliability, their storage administrators with greater ease of use, and the flexibility the company needs to contend with a growing customer base, they turned to INFINIDAT. Watch video to learn why.

Service Provider, brightsolid, Boosts Performance, Reliability and Efficiency with INFINIDAT

Scotland-based service provider, brightsolid, works with customers of all sizes to deliver cost saving technology for agile, collaborative ways of working that empower teams to deliver greater value.  brightsolid selected INFINIDAT storage to manage their customer’s data more efficiently and reliably. Watch this video to learn about their experience.

saberVox Cloud Solutions Gains Unmatched Speed, Reliability and Performance with INFINIDAT

Australia-based, saberVox Cloud Solutions provides cloud computing, managed services and infrastructure solutions to customers in a variety of industries. Previous storage solutions failed to keep pace with their growing business and customers’ demands. Learn why the company turned to INFINIDAT for a storage solution that delivers the agility, reliability and performance they need to continually exceed their customers’ expectations.


Company Overview

INFINIDAT was founded in 2011 by industry veterans focused on solving the problems storage buyers face when they are forced to choose between cost, capacity, functionality, reliability and performance.

Corporate Responsibility White Paper

INFINIDAT’s commitment is to the creation of high quality data storage solutions that enables organizations to achieve high reliability, performance and scalability, at a significant cost savings. This quality includes measuring and managing impacts of INFINIDAT solutions that that may affect the greater environment.


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